The Colours and Flavors of the Autumn Garden

The Colours and Flavors of the Autumn GardenThe mainstay of most autumn gardens are mums, but the cool moist weather of autumn is a favourite of many other flowers.

There are many flowers and vegetables that thrive at this time of year. Planning and some restraint are very important if you want to be successful with your planting. It is important to set aside some space for your autumn flowers during the spring and summer.

Annuals are the best flower to choose for autumn, they usually grow throughout the summer and stay strong into the autumn.

The annuals that stay full of colour into the autumn are pot marigold, alyssum, California poppy and snapdragon. Petunia, sneezeweed, strawflower and candy tuft are also likely to be found.

There are a couple tricks to keep these flowers fresh into autumn. The seeds need to be sown in June — if you want an earlier blossoming of these flowers then you can also sow one batch in the spring.

Furthermore it is important to cut the flowers down to about half nearing the end of the summer. The growing conditions are ideal at that time, even if your flowers look a bit stunned when you cut them back.

[Via: The Canadian Press]

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