The Colour Blue for Your Garden

One of the newest trends to follow is the use of the blue colour in your summer garden. This colour can add an up-lifting spirit and a feeling of well being in your garden.

The Colour Blue for Your GardenBlue flowers are exactly the thing that has to be enjoyed during the summer. There are many types of blue flowers that bloom in the summer and very few that bloom in the fall.

Blue is also very good for decorating as it goes with a many other colours. Certain combinations of colours have even come to present specific messages.

For example, blue and white usually reminds us of beach houses and cottage living. By combining yellow and blue you get a French look. Blue and brown gives you a more modern look and is usually used in high-end interior design.

The colour blue will usually recede into the background if it is not paired with other colours like, yellow, orange or white.

Blue flowers can also be planted in border to bring their beauty forward. Attention can also be drawn to them if they are planted in containers and placed on patios and pathways.

[Via: National Post]

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