The Chrysanthemum Around the World

Many gardeners dismiss the chrysanthemum as being far too ordinary. One of the reasons may be that it is just too easy to grow. All the care it needs is a little bit of real gardening and it is happy.

The Chrysanthemum Around the World

However, this flower is greatly appreciated in other parts of the world – Japan, China and Korea. Much of their folklore and poetry revolves around this flower.

The appreciation for this flower will now be coming to New York as the botanical garden has teamed up with an imperial garden from Tokyo – the Shinjuku Gyoen. Their experts will be visiting the Big Apple to teach the traditional methods of training the chrysanthemum or the Kiku-plant, as they like to refer to it.

The exhibition has gotten the stamp of approval from the senior chief of chrysanthemums, his stamp of approval is part of the centrepiece of the Japanese-style display.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is taking its role in this event by lending 30 works of art that are connected to the history of the chrysanthemum and Japanese gardens.


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