The Canary Bird a Winter Favourite

Most gardeners would not believe their ears if they were told that there as sunny yellow flower that is easy to grow and blooms all winter long. Well if you have a conservatory, light porch or spacious window, the Abutilon or the “Canary Bird” is the flower of your dreams.

Canary Bird

Abutilons are very rewarding as conservatory plants as they flower constantly. The name of the “Canary Bird” is obviously from its bright yellow colour, that we all associate with the little birds.

This flower was first bread in 1980 during the Victorian era along with other hybrids from Central and South America. In their native landscape they grow as shrubs on the edges of forests.

Victorian gardeners were experimented with their flower avidly — if it were not for their breeding techniques many flowers would have died out. Flowers from this era are known for their toughness, longevity and overall quality. Proof of this fact is that the “Canary Bird” won the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.


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