The Buried Treasures of Winter

Winter TreasuresAll too often gardens are left to slumber through the cold winter months, but it is not necessary to put your garden to bed after the last flowers have faded away. This is the time to start looking at ways to keep your garden colourful even through the dark days of winter.

  • Edgeworthia chrysantha is great flower to try; it flowers for quite a long time during the winter and into spring. The bare branches of this plant hold pale yellow blooms and they have silky hairs that give off a wonderful fragrance. It is important to position them correctly. They need a sheltered place — a warm wall is a good place to try planting them.
  • The Sarcococca confusa is another great winter option, it is otherwise known as the Christmas box. This flower grows in sun or shade and is beautiful throughout the year.
  • The Chimonanthus praecox enjoys winter the most; it blushes with fragrant crimson and yellow flowers. However, once the blooming period is over it can be rather dull.

These flowers will appreciate the shelter of a wall and if they are closer to your home you can admire them more closely.


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