The Boot Camp on Which Flowers to Buy Mom

bouquets in mugsFlowers are most likely to put a smile on any mother’s face; however the decision on which flowers to choose can be mind boggling.

It is now the season for buying bouquets especially with mother’s day just around the corner. For those who are completely lost as to which blooms they should choose, is where they can turn for advice. This site is a great resource for getting yourself educated on flowers. There are many flower varieties on this site, possibly allowing you to find your mother’s particular favorite. There are also recipes for designing bouquets. Bridget Behe, the Flower Doctor is also available to answer any of your questions about flowers.

According to Dr. Behe, “Everyone loves flowers, even if they don’t know the names of the various varieties, once you learn about flowers, you grow to appreciate and love them even more.”

Some of the favorite flower varieties are: roses, lilies, alstroemeria, and carnations.

This year’s creative idea is to get a mug with your picture printed on it, and a special message to your mother. Of course, the mug is to be filled with her favorite flowers.

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