The 23rd Annual Festival of Flowers at Biltmore

Biltmore Flower Festival

George Vanderbildt’s 8,000 acre property designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the master of American landscape architecture, is celebrated each year in the spring with the Biltmore Festival of Flowers. This estate has expansive gardens where each season a different showcase of flowers is presented. All kinds of flowers are found there from native, to exotic.

The gardens found in Biltmore are one of Olmsted’s last and greatest projects. They now date back 118 years. They are well taken care of, and development continues on these gardens each year. In addition, there are many more activities at this festival like, music, cooking demonstrations, crafts seminars, and much more.

Inside of the house are showcased floral displays and decoration that are similar to those of the garden parties at the turn of the century. One of the displays reflects the decorations of George and Edith Vanderbildt’s only daughter’s 25th birthday party, which had oriental themes. Ideas were found in a newspaper from 1925 which had done an article about the party. Paper lamp were hung among flowers such as, rhodendrons, cherry blossoms and orchids.

At this festival there are also jazz performances, wine tasting, seminars, as well as interaction with Biltmore’s gardeners.

[Via: Citizen-Times]

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