Taking time for the Mind and Body

Mind and Body

The winter ‘blahs’ are slowly settling in with all of us. And if you are not going away on holiday, then it almost seems as though there is not much you can do about it.

But when was the last time you treated yourself to a warm scented bath? Or maybe sent someone some lovely smelling moisturiser. A trip to the spa is not really necessary for getting a spa treatment.

A little time spent taking a warm bath, rubbing some luxurious essential oils into your skin, can do a great deal for improving your mood or that of others.

Flowers24hours.co.uk, has various luxurious gifts available for the mind and body. They are beautifully wrapped and available for delivery anywhere in London and the UK.

The Citrus Bath Set has everything you need for some bath time pampering. It is also a beautiful gift to look at, a mini wardrobe is filled with scents, soaps and scrubs. Citrus scents are relaxing and refreshing, so you or a special recipient can rub and scrub off a hard day at work in a nice warm bath.

The Essential Oils gift set is the ticket to relaxation. The restoring essential oil foam bath and natural soap with essential oils, will make the bath heaven. While the anti-stress olive and lavender spray will make sleep just a wonderful.

Lavender is known to be a very relaxing scent, making the Blue Bathtime a gift that will be perfect for the body and mind. The lavender scented bubbles, scrubs and scents come in a miniature bath, that will serve as a wonderful detail in any bathroom. It is sure to make bath time for the recipient all the more enjoyable.

It is important to remember the gentlemen out there as well, and what better gift than the Gentleman’s bath Gift Box, to do it with? The natural scented French soaps are packed in a luxurious gift box, and are sure to fit well into his moments of relaxation.

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