Taking care of your plants and flowers in hot weather!

When heatwaves hit the UK, a lot of us are shocked at how hot it can actually become! To combat the heat, most of us need to increase our water intake. Similarly, so do flowers and plants. Here’s some tips to keep your flowers fresh through the hot weather.

1. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight as this will be too hot for them.
2. Check the water levels inside the vase and replenish when needed
3. Change the water more often than usual – bugs have a higher growth rate in the heat
4. If it is a potted plant, make sure the soil is moist unless directed otherwise by care instructions
5. Mist-spray the flowers and leaves to keep them hydrated but make sure there’s no sunlight on them as the water droplets can act as a lens and burn the leaves!

If you want to send flowers in hot weather, it is important to note a couple things. Some companies do send their flowers by post – this process can take up to 5 working days and the recipient will open the box to find dead flowers. So you want to send flowers with a company who delivers directly, or has a dedicated over-night courier to avoid disappointment!!!

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