Take the Time to Explore the Manhattan Flower District

Manhattan Flower District

The Manhattan flower district is found off West 28th street and takes about a whole block. High real estate prices and the construction of condominiums have actually taken down the size of the once huge market.

It takes about half a day to explore the entire market. The sidewalks are full of plants, branches, vases and anything you can imagine for your garden. The prices here are much lower than those at the florists or at any other vendor.

The business here used to be wholesale but now with a lack of business, shop owners are accepting just about anything, which means walk-in customers as well.

When visiting this market, it is a good idea to get an early start to avoid the crowds. If you are looking for flowers that last, this is a great place to get fake flowers at a low cost. The only limit is your imagination, just find some time to explore this gardener’s haven…

[Via: NY Times]

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