Take some time to make Mum’s flowers last

lasting flowers
In a few weeks Mums nation-wide will be receiving their tokens of appreciation in the forms of flower bouquets or other gifts. But after the celebration is over, they are sure to want to hold onto the bouquets they receive as long as possible.

In this case take some time to explain to your mum how to care for her flowers. This little extra effort will be greatly appreciated by her and will reap great rewards for the flowers.

Any foliage that is to remain beneath the water line should be removed, if it stays in the water it will create bacteria that will make the flowers wilt faster. When cutting off the ends of the flower stems, if at all possible then at least six inches of the stem should remain.

A drop of bleach should be placed in the water to ensure that no bacteria forms. And this should be repeated each time the water is changed.

Another option for a more crafty mother is to dry the flowers. Once they start to wilt a little the stems should be tied together with a rubber band. The bouquet should be placed in a cool, dark, and dry place, and left alone to dry for a few weeks.

A great way to have the flowers maintain their shape is to give them a coat of hairspray after they have dried out.

At Flowers24hours.co.uk, you can choose the bouquet you send your mother according to the colour you send, type of flower or simply choose from the wide variety of bouquets we have selected and prepared for the special event.

Order your flowers in advance to be sure to get exactly the blooms you need. They can be delivered anywhere in London same-day or Friday 1st of April and Monday 4th of April anywhere else in the UK.

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