Flowers and Houseplants to Brighten your Home or Workplace this Summer

Now is the time of year when parks, gardens and woodlands are filled with flowers and greenery. The urge to bring these beautiful colours and freshness into our interior spaces makes perfect sense. Having London flowers and plants in our homes contributes to a calming environment and has been proven to improve our mood and well being. However, this isn’t just important in your home! As Paul Solicari from SweepSmart explains: “Plants in the workplace have been proven to improve productivity and reduce stress levels by making us happier. They also remove toxins from the air that can cause you to feel generally unwell.”

Summer brings lots of options for fragrant blooms like roses and sweet peas for office flowers or to decorate the home. Longer lasting options are green plants like ferns or palms, and these are ideal for bathrooms or for corporate plants – adding freshness and colour to many interior spaces. 

Colourful Choices

Sunflowers are the perfect choices to welcome guests – whether in a home or corporate setting. With their radiant faces and yellow petals (yellow symbolising happiness and joy) these flowers are loved in the UK and readily available from florists in London. They are perfect to be displayed on their own or can be featured with green foliage in a vase to emphasise their radiant colour. As well as cheerful additions to the home, they look great at the reception or bar of a gastro pub or more laid back hotel, expressing beauty but an air of the country side and English gardens too.

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Another popular, and similarly ‘daisy shaped’ bloom is the gerbera: available in a range of bright colours from red and yellow to purple and green. These hardy summer blooms are very popular in restaurants but may need the help of floral wire to keep them upright in a vase. These are lovely office flowers and are also ideal to brighten a home in the summer. Choose yellow gerberas to contrast with a blue vessel in the kitchen, or add them to the bathroom to add a dash of colour and cheer.


At this time of year there are also colourful flowers like peonies, dahlias and ranunculus that are all available in many shades. Pastel colours of pink, white and beige may be more appropriate for the home than an office environment, but the welcome of a rainbow flower design for guests or visitors at a restaurant or office is sure to be welcome. Colourful flowers instil feelings of happiness in those who see them, and now that summer has arrived any office florist in London can create the perfect welcoming floral bouquet for reception areas.

Roses are another colourful option for flowers that can bring instant colour and glamour to the home. Available in so many shades – from rich red and hot pink, to pale yellow and white – these classic blooms will work best in the living room, or at the reception of a restaurant. Perhaps because these flowers will always be associated with the language of love, the office environment is less suited to these sumptuous blooms!

Sweet Perfume

Gardenia have a lovely scent and beautiful white flowers and can be grown in a garden or inside as houseplants and will make great office plants. These sun-loving evergreen plants are originally from the tropics and flower from mid-spring to summer.

Lilies are a wonderful choice for indoor cut flowers for both their exotic look and their fragrance. Available in shades of pink, yellow or pure white, these are statement flowers that will work well in a living room or a dining room for special occasions. Lilies are also ideal for an office environment, an any corporate florist in London will be ale to help in choosing the right lilies to suit an office space. They can also be planted outside to create a fragrance for the entire garden.

Roses vary significantly in their scent: some are strongly perfume, some have no scent at all. And for those that do smell, the fragrance varies from floral to musky or fruity – so sniff your roses before you buy them if then scent is key. Roses in elegant shades of white, pink or yellow make great welcoming flowers for an office or hotel reception so make a good corporate flower choice.

Sweet peas are another choice for beautiful summer cut flowers. These fragrant flowers are available in beautiful candy and pastel shades of pink, white, purple and blue. Very popular for weddings and other events, they also make delightful additions to the home and work very well on their own without the need for other flowers or foliage to complement them. Hyacinth and lily-of-the-valley are lovely floral choices for corporate flowers London – so look out for them in flower shops and London florists.

Green Plants

The presence of office plants has been shown to improve air quality of the office space and create a calmer workforce by lowering stress and anxiety. It’s a given that fresh, green plants make for a brighter space whether at work or the home – so what better reason to consult a London florist this summer to decide on a plant or two to freshen an interior space?

Succulents are very popular at the moment as they’re easy to care for. They can be added to windowsills, given as wedding favours and added to any home or office to create a green and interesting geometric shape to the surroundings. There are many plants that help to clean the air, including aloe vera (a succulent plant), rubber plants, palms, Chinese evergreens and the ficus plant. All houseplants have different needs in terms of light, humidity and water – so check with your office florist in London before purchasing for your workplace to ensure the plant is the right for the environment and setting.

Wild West Summer Flower Arrangements



There are many hardy plants to choose for the home and workspace – including spider plants, snake plants and cactuses. For those who are busy but still want to create a positive space in their office or home incorporating natural elements, tough plants like this are the best option. They’re happy with low light and little water, so are ideal office plants.

When it comes to caring for your new office plants, Kateena Mills, Founder and People and Culture Consultant at Club Sandwich Consulting, adds: “There are many plant services that will maintain office plants, but you could also look at setting up a roster or have your staff ‘adopt-a-plant’ to engage them in the care.

“Watering and tending to plants can be a good practice of mindfulness which can mix up someone’s week and clear their mind to allow for renewed focus when they get back to work!”

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