Say ‘I Love You’ In August

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect words express the most important things, especially if it’s as important as ‘I love you.’ For the month of August, because it’s officially National Romance Month (not to mention one of the hottest months of the year), we created a list of ways you can say it best. No matter who it is, or whatever the occasion, show your special one you mean it the most.


The Fine (floral) Art of Surprise

In every surprise there’s a little bit of magic, the sense of elation, shock and awe, when something that wasn’t there a moment ago suddenly appears. It’s a little bit like realizing you’re in love.

Surprises come in all sorts of colours, shapes and varieties; they don’t just need to be a bouquet of roses at the office or your partner’s favorite flowers delivered. A surprise lunch date, or adventurous getaway, a sweet love note left in the car, kitchen, in a jacket pocket, or taped to the mirror—they all tap into the power of surprise!

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Make Any Meal a Picnic

Breakfast, lunch or brunch all make perfect picnics. Or better yet, try a moonlit picnic in the park! Pack a wicker basket with all your picnic essentials, a blanket, and don’t forget the bottle of wine.

Find the Right Rose for the Occasion

Does it need to be Valentine’s Day? No way! And it doesn’t need to be a dozen, either. A single long-stem rose, red rose, white rose, or a coloured carnation can go a long way in saying ‘I love you.’

Can You Say Petals, Please?

White or red roses petals are some of the most romantic decorations around. Plan a special dinner, watch a movie at home together, or prepare a couples’ spa evening. Decorate the house with petals and watch your lover’s heart grow fonder!

Take a Class Together

Pottery making? Tai chi? What about improv? Learning something new together is a way to add some excitement and laughter into your lives, not to mention potential keepsakes and enjoying your new skills as a couple.   

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Ditch the Phone for a More Intimate Ambiance

There was a time when you might have woken up to your darling’s face instead of a screen! Don’t despair, the potential for human connection is not lost. Give your renewed romance a shot and let your partner know you care by planning a mutually fun activity and disconnecting for 24 hours.

Go for a Long Walk Together

This simple gesture—wanting to be alone, exploring what’s out there together—is incredibly powerful. When was the last time you held hands? Or exercised together? Jogging in the morning or going for a romantic evening stroll are great ways to start your day or relax before bed.

Lend Your Lover a Hand

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day, we can forget the big impact even the tiniest gestures have especially on someone we love (or live with!). Try cleaning around the house, running an errand without needing to be asked, or surprising your love with a homemade coupon for a massage after a hard day, or anytime! Trust us, it will be appreciated.

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