How to arrange summer flowers for your home

There are a huge range of beautiful flowers to choose from to create spectacular summer arrangements for the home, and the key is individuality and creativity. Bright, multi-coloured displays are popular, and an array of shapes and textures creates interesting arrangements, but sometimes a single coloured and single flower arrangement can be simple but striking. It’s also worth think of the vase the flowers will appear in, as this is key to the look. Read on for top tips and inspiration for creating beautiful summer flower arrangements for your home.

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Before you arrange

Before adding your flowers to water, make sure the vase is thoroughly cleaned so no bacteria is present that will shorten the life of your flowers. Fill the vase with tepid water, add flower food if your florist has provided it – then add your flowers. Even before arranging, make sure you put your blooms in water as soon as you get home.

To help the stems absorb water better, cut off an inch from the bottom using a sharp knife. Strip off the lower leaves so none fall below the water line. Now you’re ready to start arranging!

Top tips

  • Add the large, heavy flowers like peonies, dahlias and sunflowers to your arrangement first, then work in the smaller, more delicate blooms like baby’s breath and cornflowers.
  • Make sure the display isn’t overcrowded and each individual flower has room to shine!
  • Make sure the width of your arrange balances the height, and make your arrangement one and half times taller than its container.
  • Choose flowers and foliage of different shapes and textures to create an interesting arrangement, and include flowers with various stem lengths.
  • Make a grid of clear cellophane tape over the mouth a bowl to support top-heavy flowers. Cut the stems short and add one or two flowers to each square.
  • Fix a small bouquet with rubber bands and fan out into the desire shape before adding to a vase. Tuck in leaves afterwards.
  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and heat sources


Think about which vase would best suit your arrangement. A low cube vessel is perfect for a coffee table arrangement of full blooms like roses or peonies. Snip their stems short and fill the vase with flowers of a single colour to create a stylish arrangement that’s best viewed from above.

Contrast the colour of your vase with your flowers to really make colours pop: for example, a blue vase will really showcase red tulips or roses, while a yellow one is great for green foliage displays.

Get fruity! Add slices of lemon or orange, or fruits like cherries, to a clear glass vase for a fresh summer look that will look beautiful in the kitchen or a summer event. Fill with summery blooms like sunflowers for a colourful and cheerful display, or elegant white stocks for contrasting colours. You can even make vases out of fruit like grapefruits and pineapples.


Bright colours are of course a great choice for summer arrangements and there are lots of flower choices out there to create bold and beautiful displays for the home. For bright yellow think sunflowers and gerberas; for hot pink there’s peonies, roses, dahlias and gerberas; for blue and purple blooms there are irises, violets, cornflowers and muscari and for red there’s anemones, roses and carnations. Multi-coloured arrangements bursting with strong-hued blooms are popular summer wedding flowers for bridal bouquets and can also be balanced with a mixture of softer shaded flowers.

Pastel shades are also lovely summer choices: think pale pink, peach, baby blue and soft yellow. And for blooms that fit the bill for summer arrangements there’s sweet peas, foxgloves, freesias and peonies. Silvery eucalyptus, ferns, wild grasses and fronded greenery make lovely accompaniments.


It’s important to have a balance of texture and shapes in your arrangements. Daisy shapes are bold and the main stars of the show so if you’re choosing blooms like this – such as gerberas and sunflowers – the rest of the arrangement needs to have softer shapes to complement the main features. Multi-flowered, cloud-like blooms like hydrangeas, baby’s breath and lily of the valley are lovely, delicate flowers that can play a starring role in subtle displays but can also be used as background flowers to add frothy texture. Bolder blooms like roses, peonies and poppies are bright in colour and shape and are often the main flower in an arrangement. Dahlias, ranunculus and chyrsanthemums all have many petals and round shapes and so can complement bigger, texture flowers.

Greenery is also important: spikier pines and cedar are perfect for winter displays, but for summer ferns, herbs, tree branches and eucalyptus work well with many different kinds of floral arrangements. Florists will be able to offer plenty of advice for the kind of foliage that would suit certain flowers and styles: whether it’s a stylish and high-end look that’s required or a more laid-back do.


Try out these ideas for gorgeous summer floral arrangements for your home:

  • Billowing white hydrangeas off-set with tendrils of clematis for a cottage garden look
  • Pink peonies arranged with greenery picked from outside in a metallic vintage vase
  • Peach, white and pink ranunculus arranged with red anemones and silvery eucalyptus, spilling over a low white or gold vase
  • Go pastel with soft shades of roses and peonies arranged with eucalyptus to create a beautiful, classy display for weddings
  • Fill an earthenware vase with brightly coloured late-summer dahlias and add fronds of greenery
  • Take a wooden box and fill with succulents, heather, fruits and kale flowers for a rustic garden display

The key is to let creativity fly with summer arrangements, and the more unusual the better! Check out flower blogs and Pinterest for flower inspiration, or ask your florist for help in creating the ideal look. Experimentation is key though, and there’s no substitute of trial and error with colour, texture and designs with flower arranging.

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