Stylish Flowers for Spring

There are many new types of flowers out on the market for spring. They are extremely eye-catching but they may not be all they’re made out to be, as they are difficult to get growing and sometimes the results are not quite what you expect them to be. It takes some time and patience and a lot of experimenting to get it right.

Crape MyrtleThese flowers have just recently shown up on the market and it takes some work to track them down. It is most likely that you will have to order them from a near by nursery, or you will have wait until the end of spring when there are more of them in stock.

The newest plant is called Magical Green Fountain. This is a bush with greenish purple leaves and flowers the color of pink seashells. This plant grows to a height of 6 feet and is quite showy in the garden.

The Crape Myrtles are best planted on the street, because they need heat and sunlight to grow. This tree has unique maroon toned leaves and an abundance of red crinkly flowers.

There is also the Flower Carpet Pink Supreme, a new type of rose that is very tough. It grows to no more than 3 feet. It also has an unforgettable pink color with tinges of white. It’s an excellent flower because it is resistant to disease and stays in bloom for months.

It may sound hard to believe but next year a flower called Blue Chip is expected to come out on the market. It is a tiny bush with blue flowers with a comforting light scent.

These are just some of the new flowers this year and if you are looking for a change in your garden then there is a world of blooms to choose from.

[Via: The Seattle Times]

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