Staying Optimisitic with Flowers

The world of fashion has a way of looking forward to the future, the runways are already decked out in preparation for spring. Flowers were a hit this summer season, but there popularity is not going to taper off next spring. Our outfits will be in bloom along with our gardens!

Enormous floral accessories first became popular, when Carrie Bradshaw adorned them on Sex and the City. Marc Jacobs is continuing this trend by putting huge flowers in the up-do’s of his models. Carolina Herrera was one step ahead, using 18th century botanical plates as inspiration for her over-sized flowers.

All in all, there was a breath of optimism on the runways, even though we are looking at a long winter ahead. Flowers in general can help shed a positive light on things.

If you are feeling down, or having trouble dealing with stress, a bouquet of flowers can sometimes be the best medicine!, has a number of bouquets, that can really bring a boost and some optimism to your day.

The Just Elegant arrangement combines sophistication and light, making it an excellent gift for the home or office. The simple anthurium is given a new twist, nestled in a beautiful round glass bowl. It is sure to brighten up even the darkest corner!

For some warmth during the cooler days of autumn, why not let the roses do the smouldering? The colour combinations in the Burning Passion are so hot they are sure to start a fire in her heart, and the added bonus of chocolates will keep it burning!

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