Start Planting Early to Have Beautiful Summer Flowers!

Dahlias, Cannas, Begonias, and Lilies are some of the most beautiful flowers of spring. They make a summer garden spectacular, because their flowers are large and quite colorful; as well Cannas have huge leaves. They are also practical because they are easy to find, and not very complicated to grow.

Summer LilliesLilies can stand any type of weather; this is why they can be planted in the fall or spring. It is best to plant them in the soil where you want them to grow. However they can be kept in a pot on your porch or windowsill.

The other summer flowers mentioned are not so tough. To protect them from frost you should start growing them in a warm place, like a greenhouse.

What Dahlias are usually used for is filling in the spaces between flowers. They have colors reminiscent of fall.

Whereas Begonias are at their best in pots, and in window boxes, because they prefer warm soil.

The leafier flower, Cannas take a long time to bloom, but even their leaves come in several varieties, so that serves for decoration until the flowers bloom.

At this time of year there is quite a variety of these plants in garden shops. There are many sizes and colors of each type of flower.

These flowers start blooming in May, so it is best to start working with them in April, so start planting!


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