Sprucing up Your Deck with Fall Flowers

One of the best ways to welcome the coming fall season is to decorate your deck with containers of fall-friendly flowers. Usually, chrysanthemums are the favourite for fall, but this should not hold you back from trying some other flowers.

Sprucing up Your Deck with Fall FlowersFirst of all, you need to choose your container or containers. Small pots are good for smaller chrysanthemums as they will not overwhelm the display. For your larger containers you can try some bigger mums.

The colours of your flowers will decide the effect your flower display will have. If you use flowers that all have the same colours, or similar colours you will create a strong and bold effect. By using many colours, you will make your display seem more fun and vibrant.

To make your displays even more interesting try to add flowers of different heights. Adding grass to your displays can also add a point of interest. Carex “Toffee Twist” is one of the options you should consider — it is cinnamon-coloured and will fit well into any fall display.

Finally, some other fall flowers you can consider for your display are breacteantha (Strawflower), diascia, nemesia, osteospermum, phlox, and pansies.

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