Awash with Colour; Glorious Spring Plants  

Vibrant shades, colour contrasts and glorious plants. London Flowers 24 Hours takes a look at the silent gems stealing the show.


Behold the beautiful plant. Whilst Tulips adorn our gardens, parks and woodlands with colourful blooms, there’s a silent beauty that seems to have gone unnoticed; behold the glorious coloured plants. Its impressive display of vibrant reds, rich oranges, sunny yellows and deep violets is not short on visual stimuli.

This colourful plant’s quite confidence shines through, as their brightness and beauty doesn’t go unnoticed- even amongst sought after blooms. Plants come in various forms, and possess a colour offering beyond, the mundane washed out green leaves, their so often wrongly been linked to. Plants unbeknown to many, also come in a spectrum of colours. Here are some magnificent bold plants, statement pieces that shine all the year round.

Plants We Can’t Get Enough Of

Ensure to add height with at least one plant in each pot, one with bold textures and vibrant colours, filling the pot with other plants for a fuller look, that’s sure to take the spotlight.

Burgundy Gems 

Heuchera Burgundy gems deep purple leaf shades are a delightful visual stimuli, instantly lighting moods with its vibrant purple hues. Heuchera also works to form impressive striking contrasts, against a green backdrop of plants and lush foliage, in a plant pot.

Berry Heights

Blueberries come in abundance; its tall elegant stems are simply graceful. Whilst its dainty berries, adds a vintage flair to plant arrangements, its towering rich red-blue stems, adds structure and creates a flattering height for plant pot arrangements.

Leucothoe Colour Mix

These vibrant, various combinations of light and dark green foliage, are a dream. Its plush, glossy, contrasting green leaves, look oddly flattering against dark red stems. These striking plants, look great alone, but also pair beautifully with the burgundy Heuchera.

Purple Haze

Lacinato’s Purple Haze, an autumn -winter plant which displays, rich burgundy-red leaves, and bright shades, command attention. Its vibrant sumptuous shades, large leaves and architectural form, make wonderful additions to containers.

Purple Punch

Heuchera Purple Punch. It’s luxurious soft purple pastels and violet leaves, burst with vibrant colours. These contrasting shades, create spectacular plant arrangements. It just goes to show, plants can be just as bright and fun as flowers. And  the possibilities are endless, a combination of bright plants and vibrant flowers, has so many possible arrangements.

Colour Mix

Viola Colour Mix; these enticing multicoloured plants are a colour mesh of vivid violets on white backgrounds and magnificent bright yellow centres. Viola’s blooms flower through fall and winter months and disappear just before the emergence of spring. However with a number of flowers which share similar colours, all can have a go at matching them, with their favourite plants.

Sundance Yellows

Sundance Choisya. The plants, glossy bright green leaves, adds scrumptious tones and texture to plant designs. The plants vibrant green shades look great alone, but also looks delightful when, placed amongst other brightly coloured plants and foliage.

Enthusiastic Orange Carex

This vibrant upright plant offers grassy texture and orange heights. Its rich orange tones are great to look at, whilst its grassy texture adds character. This brightly coloured plant looks great alone and is just as impressive, when filled with other coloured plants; blues, yellows and reds, as well as foliage and flowers.

Scilla Siberica Spring Beauty

Scilla, beautiful perennial bulbs with narrow basil leaves and upright stems bloom, to reveal star or bell-shaped flowers of vibrant blue. The bold blues of the plant create, a striking colour contrast against rich green stems. This blue petals of this spring beauty, begins to flower in spring. The combination of vivid blues and vibrant greens, are both visually stimulating and alluring.

Little Bluestem

Rigid towering stems add character and form to plant arrangements. Its reddish tone and spiky form, are striking, and add a vintage flair to potted plants. With any plant arrangement, opt for height, using towering plants or foliage. Ensure to add other plants and flowers, for a fuller composition.

Colour Mix

Kale Nagoya; its purple and rich violet splash, offers a dramatic contrast to plant pot arrangements. These brightly coloured plants are striking in all their many shades, and look just as spectacular as their vibrant flower counterparts.

Emerald City

Tulipa ‘Spring Green,’ also known as tulip ‘spring green’ is a sophisticated looking plant, with elegant creamy-white flowers and a vibrant green central flare, that’s visible on each petal. Tulips tend to flower in late spring, with beautiful cup-shaped flowers, striped with a majestic green flame running through it.

Partner up With Vibrant Pots

Say I do, to a lavish vase you love, then stay committed.  A great pot, or vase, especially if it’s luxuriously rich in colour and form, will launch and enhance each new plant arrangement it holds. Reach for vibrant, vivid plant pots, which act as a centrepiece for displaying your beautiful blooms.

Flowers are fleeting, so why not introduce plants into home interiors for lasting foliage. Shoots, kale, and heurachera all add vibrancy, and much needed bursts of colour to indoor spaces- they form fabulous statement centrepieces.

So it’s clear, coloured plants work wonders, breathe new life into tired interiors and inject colour back into washed out garden spaces. This rich tapestry of winter plants and textures shine without a flower in sight. Vibrant plants, lush green and multi-coloured foliage, works wonders as gifts for friends and loved ones, as well as gardens and home interiors. Colourful plants transform their surroundings, bring joy as they uplift moods, and help kick start the spring season. If you’d like to get your hands on glorious coloured plants, get in touch and London flower delivery service Flowers24Hours will be happy to assist you.


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