Beautiful Flowers to Cheer Up Your Home this Spring

Spring flowers are beautiful, colourful creatures. It’s lovely to be able to appreciate them out of doors now that the weather is getting better, but who can resist the opportunity to bring these beauties into our homes? Having fresh flowers in the home improve your mood and well-being, and that is why London florists have a wonderful range of spring flowers to suit any taste and décor.


Striking Single Shades

For a bold statement and a splash of colour in your home, choose a bouquet of a single shade. This is a simple and elegant way to harmonise or contrast with the décor and colours of your home. For example, choose a white bouquet to complement white and cream interiors like white roses or stylish white tulips.

Red tulips will really stand out against a yellow décor, while a pink potted gerbera brings a sense of brightness and fun to almost any interior design. Gerberas, tulips and roses come in dozens of varieties and colours and are perfect spring flowers to create your single-shade bouquets.

Colour Contrasts

Single coloured arrangements can be very elegant and harmonious and convey a particular style and mood, but contrasting coloured bouquets are perfect for really making the colours of your flowers pop. They can also have a sense of fun that’s perfect to usher in the joys of spring in your home!

Yellow and blue are particularly cheerful arrangements for spring and Easter – try yellow daffodils, roses or tulips in a bouquet of blue muscari, hydrangea or hyacinth. The deep red blooms make a rich bed of colour elevating pale yellow roses in a gorgeous Fairytale Basket, with contrasting textures also adding to the drama and interest of the arrangement.

Think Outside the Vase

Spring is the perfect time to have a bit of fun with your vases and go for something unusual and rustic. Charity shops and markets can be treasure-troves for this, the perfect place to find vintage tea cups and jugs. A yellow teapot could make a perfect vessel for colourful bunches of spring flowers like hydrangeas, peonies and tulips – whether on their own on combined in a bountiful bouquet. A sweet Fleur jug of purple freesias is a perfect example of a rustic, garden feel. Glass milk bottles and jam jars are also wonderful vases for spring flowers – from luscious roses to bright hyacinths.

Egg cups make adorable little vases for gathered wild flowers and delicate, small-flower varieties of daffodils like the cute canaliculatus with their clusters of white petals and yellow trumpets. You can also add sprigs of herbs like rosemary or sage, or fronds of spring leaves. These will make delightful rustic table settings for a spring lunch or children’s party.

With so many beautiful flowers available this spring, and fun and stylish ways to display them, what more reason do you need to treat yourself and bring some colour into your home with gorgeous spring flowers?

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