Spring and Flowers in the Land Down-Under

Spring and Flowers in the Land Down-Under

Those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, know in the back of our minds that the warm days of summer are over. However at the other end of the world in Sydney, Australia the streets of the city are just starting to bloom with the colours of spring.

They are also feeling the changes in weather and Australians are experiencing one of the coldest springs they’ve had in a decade.

In Australia seasons are measured a bit differently then here in the North. Our changes in seasons are measured by equinoxes and solstices, with fall arriving officially on the 23rd of September. In Australia, seasons are always marked on the first day of each month. Spring starts on the 1st of September in Australia.

Some say that perhaps the Australian spring should start a little bit earlier. According to Dr. Entwisle spring should start on the 1st of August. Tulips, jonquils, primulas and pansies are already flowering in the streets of Sydney.

He said: “Every year we think spring has come earlier, but really spring in Sydney actually starts in late July and August for many natives and garden plants. This seasonal anomaly is actually a result of Sydney’s mild winters and its cool temperate gardens.”

[Via: The Sydney Morning Herald]

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