Spending More on Flowers than Elton John

Spending More on Flowers than Elton John

For most of us flowers are a luxury, but if you are running a country you have the money to spend as much as you want on blooms. It was recently revealed that Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni have been spending a lot on flowers, nearly £600 daily. This is fairly hard to imagine for the amateur gardener.

This came as a shock for French taxpayers, the money is spent on florists who have the responsibility to decorate the Elysee Palace. And the budget of £241,000 a year on flowers, even Elton John did not spend this amount, he would only spend £460-a-day on flowers.

The numbers were revealed after a state audit for 2008, and Sarkozy and his third wife Miss Bruni, managed to make this mistake during his first year in office.

A spokesman for Elysee Palace said that floral bills will be reduced in the future, and this type of auditing will only help the state become more transparent.

[Via: Telegraph.co.uk]

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