Some Bugs that are Beneficial to Your Flowers

Some people think that every insect is a harmful insect for the garden. This is not a fact – there are many kinds of bugs which can actually help your garden.

Some Bugs that are Beneficial to Your Flowers

There are many insects that can help you cut down on pesticide use by helping control pests and this will benefit your garden overall. There are predator insects which eat the insects that are harmful to your flowers. Ladybugs for example control aphids, aphid nymphs, spider mites, weevils and rootworms — and are actually one of the most beneficial insects in the garden.

The larvae of green lacewings are extremely beneficial because they eat enormous amounts of aphids, caterpillars, white flies and beetles. Never squash your spiders because they get rid of flies, fleas, leafhoppers, aphids, caterpillars, and carrot weevils. Flower flies otherwise known as “hover” flies helps with problematic aphids in the early months of the season. Tiny pirate bugs, ground beetles, damsel bugs and predatory mites all eat up the problematic bugs. Birds, snakes and frogs are also great helpers around the garden they eat pest insects too.

It is important to get know your different types of bugs because this will help you tell the difference between which bugs are good and which bugs are bad.

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