Signs of Spring on the Gulf Coast

Signs of Spring on the Gulf CoastSmall trees called Redbuds are just starting to bloom along the Gulf Coast. These are most popularly known as Judas trees, in connection to the myth about Judas, where he hung himself on such a tree. They do not just allude to myth, but are a sign of spring in this part of the United States.

This plant is a moderate to rapid grower in it’s early years, growing to a height of 20 to 30 feet. When young, it grows rather irregularly but grows to form a nice shape as it matures. These trees usually bloom in late February or the beginning of March. The flowers are small with purple to pink coloured petals, and grow thickly among the branches. Most spring-blooming trees sprout their flowers before the leaves, the flowers end up having a greater impact this way.

After the flowers die this tree produces fruits — it is a member of the bean and pea family.

Judas trees grow best in the shade with rich and moist soil, though this tree is fairly adaptable and can grow in other types of soils, as well.

[Via: Foster Folly News]

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