Shrubs Instead of Blooms

Shrubs Instead of BloomsMany gardeners are on tight budgets this year, and flowers may be looking a bit shabby in some gardens. But one great option for adding colour and blooms to your garden is to plant some shrubs.

Shrubs are fairly low-risk and they give a lot in return for a little care. They last long, have a lot of colour, grow fast, are tolerant to drought, and resistant to pests.

Sharon Yiesla, a horticulturalist from the University of Illinois says, “They’re really great green furniture for lots of people. Forty or 50 dollars will give you a lot of annuals, but shrubs will last longer and perform more frequently. They may cost more initially, but over time, shrubs are a much better value.”

Lee Buttala, a long-time gardener says, “Choosing the right range of shrubs from small to medium in size can create a garden without all that much work. Shrubs can work well in a mixed border, and give you good structure and a good look through several seasons – even when they are not blooming. They also can interact with one another and train other plants.”

[Via: The Canadian Press]

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