Fascinating Facts About Sending Flower Gifts Online

Sending flowers as gifts is the perfect way to express love and kindness, and sending flowers London and nationwide will always to bring happiness and joy to the person who receives them. Florist Flowers24Hours has a wonderful range of bouquets for flowers delivery London and the UK including same day flowers to make sure you flowers reach their destination as soon as you need them to. And your gift may have more positive effects than you thought: take a look at these fascinating facts and inspiration before you send flowers.

Sending flowers online shows you in a good light

A recent study found that people who send flowers as gifts are seen as being successful, caring and emotionally intelligent. And women who send flowers as opposed to other gifts are seen as having a greater appreciation of beauty and nature. Sending flowers to London or anywhere in the UK to friends and loved ones strengthens connections and helps build relationships: what better reason to arrange flowers delivery today?

Flowers delivery UK - Romantic flower arrangements UK and flower bouquets delivery UK by top London gifts shopThere’s a birthday flower for every month

When you choose your flowers for delivery from your florist, you could send someone their birth flower as a gift. Based on the traditional idea that all flowers have a special meaning, each month has a flower that sends a message so are great inspiration when you choose flowers as gifts. For example, daffodils are the flower for the spring month March, October’s flower is autumn-shaded marigolds and December’s is the Christmas poinsettia. Of course, any flowers will be appreciated as a birthday gift so take a look at the same day flowers to choose from at Flowers24Hours  London flower delivery shop when you send flowers to UK addresses.

Flowers boost productivity and creativity

Consider the difference your gift could make when you’re sending flowers London and the UK. Did you know that looking at fresh flowers when you wake up makes you feel more energetic and positive about your day. And it’s been shown that people who have flowers in their office came up with more innovative ideas and solutions to those that didn’t. Order same day flowers from London florist to brighten up your office – hydrangeas and peonies will create a lovely garden feel, or choose striking blooms like gladioli or orchids for a modern office environment.


Magenta Magic - Flowers delivery UK wide and flowers delivery London same day by top UK florist and online UK gifts shopLondon flowers make you happy

Weddings aside, obviously – research has shown that people who receive flowers as gifts feel immediate feelings of joy, and also long-lasting positive feelings. After receiving flowers, people are less depressed and anxious and showed a greater sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in life. Arrange flowers for delivery and bring some happiness to someone’s life today! Flowers24Hours has beautiful cheerful blooms like sunflowers, gerberas and anthurium lilies that are a great choice for flowers delivery UK. John Linden from MirrorCoop adds “taking care of some flowers is an easy task that takes very little effort. When you water your flowers in the morning, you get that quick dopamine rush that occurs whenever we accomplish something. So, after you’ve watered your flowers, you’ll already feel like you’re on a roll and you’re likely to get more done. ” Just the look on people’s faces and the envious glance of co-workers when people receive flowers at the office, is something to behold.


Spontaneous flowers impress

It’s been shown that an incredible 96% of women like to receive flowers as gifts when they’re least expecting them. Can you imagine a better way to make someone feel special and really brighten up their day? Don’t wait for a big occasion- send flowers to UK today.

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