Why do We Send Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Traditionally a Christian holy day to honour St Valentine, the 14th February has become a day to celebrate love and to give the gift of flowers to the object of our affection – whether a long-term love or a crush to impress. But do you know why we traditionally send Valentine’s Day flowers?

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The history of Valentine’s day flowers. The idea of gifting Valentine’s Day flowers to a loved one seems so natural today, but it hasn’t always been the case. Although it’s hard to pin down the original ‘St Valentine’, a popular story is that St Valentine of Rome performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. But it wasn’t until Chaucer that St Valentine became associated with love – specifically ‘courtly love’ in Chaucer’s day which had many traditions and conventions associated with it. It was in 18th century England that the 14th February became an occasion when Valentine’s day flowers and cards were exchanged between lovers.

Flowers with meaning. Valentine’s flowers of course express love and affection and are bound to make anyone who receives them happy. But Valentine’s day roses can have a deeper meaning than you might expect – for example, red roses suggest passion and love while a pink rose is a gentler shade that conveys appreciation as well as romantic love.  Yellow blooms suggest happiness, while purple symbolises richness, and blue flowers convey calm. On this romantic day, it’s probably best you choose a passionate shade for your Valentine’s day flowers.

Numbers can also be significant for Valentine’s Day flowers. For example, a single rose (traditionally red on Valentine’s Day) means ‘you’re the only one’ while the traditional bouquet of 12 means that you’re thinking of your loved one 12 hours a day and means ‘be my sweetheart’. 10 roses means ‘you’re perfect’ which may be the ideal number to give your love on this romantic day, but don’t forget that any colourful gift of flowers is bound to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

Love in bloom. Whether you want to send a hidden message or just want to show you care, Valentine’s Day flowers are the perfect way to please your other half. Having fresh flowers in the home has been proven to make people happier, and bright shades are especially appreciated. If you really want to show you care, find out your loved one’s favourite flower and ask for those at your Valentine’s Day florist. Flowers24Hours have an abundant display of flowers and gifts, so if you need Valentine’s flowers delivered, look no further.

You don’t have to send roses – your Valentine’s Day flowers could be vibrant, sensual tulips, or you could choose a sumptuous bouquet from a florist like Flowers24Hours. Gerberas, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids are all wonderful blooms to give to a loved one on this special day. Or a vibrant plant could make the perfect Valentine’s gift – luscious, long-lasting and beautiful, just like the love the two of you share. What better symbol could there be?

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