Scented Flowers the Latest Trend in the UK

According to flower marketing network Mavuno Group, the next fad to hit the UK is scented flowers.

Scented Flowers the Latest Trend in the UKMavuno is one large company made up of many smaller companies like Bloom BV, which supplies customers with ready-cut flowers from Kenya and sells them in Europe.

Bloom representative Tom Vermeer says, “Scented flowers are making a comeback in the marketplace. In the past, a scented rose has meant that other attributes tend to fall down, like size and colour, but we have found that this does not apply to our new variety. World Flowers will be looking to supply its customers with some more scented flowers soon.”

Supply chain director Tom Willings from World Flowers went on to say, “Innovation is high on our list of demands. We are at the forefront, as most of the early trials on roses and carnations were carried out on our farms in Africa. Supermarkets always want the same thing and that is value. They want the right product from the right place at the right time of year.”


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