Royal Full-time Flower Arranger

Royal Full-time Flower ArrangerOne of the luxuries Prince Charles allows himself is to have a personal flower arranger.

For ten years now Sarah Champier-Lowe has been arranging flowers for the Prince. She has decorated Clarence House, Highgrove and Birkhall.

Many celebrities spend large amounts of money on flowers, one of them being Sir Elton John, but the Prince is one of the first to employ a full-time florist.

The Prince pays Sarah from his private income. Her salary is kept a secret, though according to royal insider it could be about 30,000 GBP yearly.

She also makes money on the side as the Prince has recently opened a gift shop at Highgrove in Gloucestershire. Here Sarah’s job is to arrange all the flowers on the shop floor.

[Via: MailOnline]

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