Roses Sprucing up Fall Gardens

Peter Kukielski, the curator of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden and Rose Collection at the New York Botanical Garden, can hardly wait for fall to begin and for late-blooming roses to spread their petals. This is the type of rose re-flowers is done in the fall when they [roses] produce their most beautiful blooms.

Roses Sprucing up Fall GardensKukielski has been busy getting rid of poorly performing rose plants and replacing them with new plants that are capable of producing blooms from the beginning of June until the stronger frosts in the fall.

“We tried to bring in more ever-blooming varieties so the garden has interest all season long. In my opinion, late September into October is a very close second to June as far as beauty. The days are nicer, the nights are cooler and the sunlight is better coating everything with a golden glow,” says Kukielski.

Summer puts a lot of pressure on roses, they need much more energy to flower during the warmer months.

Kukielski says: “It’s hot, humid and exhausting, roses have their fabulous spring, shut down a bit during summer and then display another burst of glorious colour in the fall when they’re less stressed.”


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