Roses-Sign of Love

Roses since a long time have been considered, a thing of beauty and a joy forever. The red color of rose is associated with love and these red roses were the favorite of the love goddess, Venus. Valentines Day is the day that celebrates love and on this special day red roses rule the day.

Are you thinking of sending roses to your loved ones? But do you know different colors of roses signify different things. A pink colored rose stands for delight and joy while white roses stand for purity and honesty. Yellow roses represent friendship on the other hand orange and coral roses signify desire. Peach roses express gratitude. And do you know a yellow rose with a red tinge stands for a friendship waiting to bloom into love. If you wish to express your “head over heels crazy in love” sentiments to your beloved then gift lavender or purple roses.

Roses are treasured and appreciated for their scent and beauty. These exquisite flowers have been the sign of romance and passion. A single rose has the power to express your emotions and show that you care. These gifts are apt for any occasion, whether you are celebrating your anniversary or proposing marriage, roses make perfect gifts. You can even spice up your gift with an interesting message. You can also choose a chocolate rose or a gold trimmed rose if you wish to offer a unique gift that is creative as well as classy. Express yourself in style with vibrant beauty of the king of flowers, Roses!

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