A Rose is Worth a Thousand Stories

As the most popular flower in the world, the magnificent rose has inspired legends, myths, folklore and stories in all cultures since the beginning of time.

It is said in a Greek myth that Chloris, the goddess of flowers, one day discovered the body of a fairy in her garden. Overwhelmed with emotion, she turned the fairy into a flower. She then asked Aphrodite, the goddess of love, to give the flower a gift of beauty, and Dionysus, the god of wine, gifted it special nectar to give it fragrance. Zephyrus and Apollo, the gods of Wind and the Sun nursed it with the elements so the flower could grow and bloom. It was with the efforts of gods and goddesses that the rose was created and hence popularly referred to as the “Queen of Fowers”.

While in a different Greek myth,  goddess Cymbele is said to have created roses out of jealousy. She wanted to show up her rival, the goddess of love – Aphrodite, by making sure that something else more beautiful existed in the world.

The next tale takes us back to the Roman era; Rhodanthe was a beautiful maiden, and the tales of beauty had spread far and wide, so she was relentlessly pursued by ardent suitors. Hoping to find some peace, she took refuge in the temple of her friend, Diana. Unfortunately, her admirers discovered her there as well and broke down the temple doors to catch a glimpse of her. Diana, jealous of the attention Rhodanthe was always getting, turned Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns.

Referring to Hinduism, the rose plays an integral part in the story of god Vishnu, the protector of the world, and god Brahma, the creator of the world. They decided to hold a competition to find the most beautiful flower in the world; Vishnu bet his position as chief god on the superiority of the rose, and Brahma, who had never seen a rose before, championed the lotus. When the rose of unveiled, all agreed on the unmatched beauty of the flower and decided to reward Vishnu for his find; goddess Lakshmi was created as his wife from 108 large and 1,008 small rose petals.

In Persian legend, the creation of the red rose can be attributed to a nightingale. Devoutly in love with a white rose, the nightingale plunged down to embrace the rose when it was claimed as the “Queen of flowers”, and got pierced by the rose’s thorns. It was from the nightingale’s drops of blood that deep red roses grew.

A Christian legend says that it was when Jesus was crucified that roses were created. Blood seeped from his body onto the moss that was growing on the ground below the cross, and there then bloomed red roses as a sign of his purity and passion for his cause.

Another ancient tale relates that roses have grown forever in the Garden of Eden, but the original roses were created without thorns, it was only after Adam and Eve were expelled that the roses grew thorns to pay tribute to their unwitting disloyalty. It is also said that all roses were white, but it was when Eve kissed a white rose in the garden that it blushed and red roses came into being.

A popular Greek myth also says that roses had originally been created white in color and without any thorns; it was only when Cupid, upon being stung by a bee accidentally shot arrows into the rose garden that the sting of the arrows caused the roses to grow thorns on them. And, when Venus, Cupid’s mother, was walking through the rose garden, her foot was pricked by a thorn, and it was from drops of her blood that red roses grew.  A different version of the creation of red roses is the story of how Venus ran through a rose bush towards Adonis, who had been wounded. As she rushed by, thorns pricked her and it was from the color of her blood that red roses were formed.

Whatever the story may be, the underlying message of the beauty of the rose remains constant throughout time.

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