Perfect Romantic Gifts for This Valentine’s Day

Flowers, most famously a dozen red roses, are traditional romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day – but don’t forget that an extra gift will be a wonderful unexpected surprise, or perhaps even go for a gift instead of flowers to show your love!

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Plant the seeds of love. Look beyond beautiful bouquets and choose romantic gifts that will really last: plants are the ideal alternative to traditional floral arrangements. Valentine’s day plants are bound to bring a smile, and there is whole host of them to choose from. Whether you choose a delicate hydrangea potted plant bursting with colour or an unusual exotic palm, there’s no doubt that plants make perfect romantic gifts to bring joy in the home for years to come. Orchid plants, with their delicate, exotic blooms, make ideal

Valentine’s Day gifts. They will last for years given the right care and will continue to bloom with exquisite flowers that mystify and delight. Stylish white orchids, bright pinks or yellows – any shade is sure to impress your Valentine! Ruby red anthuriums and hot pink or red ginger plants also make exciting choices for romantic gifts. And a cactus makes a quirky choice for that special person who expects the unexpected!

Romantic gifts with flowers. Valentine’s day flowers and chocolates are the perfect couple to impress your love and at Flowers24Hours, there’s a superb range of flowers and gifts to choose from. Chocolates, champagne and teddy bears all make lovely accompaniments to flowers or blooming plants. This Abundance selection is truly luxurious – with exotic white orchids, Lindt Lindor chocolates and decadent Moet and Chandon champagne. Be sure to accompany your flowers and gifts with a card, whether bought or home made, with a meaningful message that expresses your love. You could add any gift to your flowers – something fun, something that means something to you both, or something unexpected. This is a day to be loving and playful, and there’s no end to what you could give with your Valentine’s flowers!

Bountiful gift baskets. Of course, you don’t need to say ‘I love you’ with flowers at all – there are so many gifts you could choose as alternatives! Gourmet gifts of wine, chocolates and other delicious tasty eats make really special treats for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Head outdoors and treat your other half to a delightful picnic, with this Country Picnic Basket gift. Or surprise them with a balloon, chocolates and champagne gift – bound to raise a smile!

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