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Do you have a special romantic occasion coming up? Perhaps you’re celebrating your wedding day or anniversary? Whatever the event, London florist Flowers24hours have some great choices of romantic flowers that say ‘I love you’.

Red roses are the perfect romantic flowers for Valentines Day and Christmas proposals. From a single red rose to over one-hundred red roses, their bright colour represents true love and are known as passion flowers. The great thing about roses is that are available in a number of gorgeous colours, including pinks, purples, oranges, yellows and white. And, each coloured rose represents something different. Pink roses represent happiness and admiration; purple roses represent captivation; yellow roses represent friendship and delight; and white roses represent pureness and new beginnings. However, if you are looking to say, ‘I love you’, red roses are simply the only choice.

Flowers are normally a very popular choice of gift for anniversaries as they symbolise love and affection. For each year a couple has been married, a specific bloom is associated with it:

  • Year 1: Carnations (double-flowered blooms with grey / green leaves and pink, white, or red petals)
  • Year 2: Lily of the valley (a member of the lily family, which has wide leaves and fragrant white bell-shaped petals)
  • Year 3: Sunflowers (a variety of the daisy family displaying big golden flowers)
  • Year 4: Hydrangeas (a shrub or climbing plant with rounded or flattened flowering heads and small blooms
  • Year 5: Gerberas  (a tropical type of daisy which has large vibrantly coloured flowers)
  • Year 6: Calla lilies (a pretty-looking bell-shaped flower; part of the Araceae family)
  • Year 7: Freesias (a little scented flower with a tubular shape)
  • Year 8: Lilacs (a Eurasian shrub or small tree which belongs to the olive family. It has a wonderfully perfumed violet, pink, or white blossom)
  • Year 9: Birds of paradise (a South American plant with irregular flowers and a long prominent tongue)
  • Year 10: Daffodils (a bright yellow flower strongly associated with spring which represents rebirth and new beginnings)
  • Year 20: Aster (Due to its star-like flower head, this flower is named after the Ancient Greek word ‘astér’, meaning ‘star’)
  • Year 25: Iris (a plant with striking flowers, generally purple or yellow with sword-shaped leaves
  • Year 30: Lilies (a variety of flowering plant that grows from a bulb and has large prominent petals)
  • Year 40: Gladioli (an Old World plant belonging to the iris family, displaying sword-shaped leaves and brightly coloured, spikey blooms)
  • Year 50: Yellow roses (a very attractive-looking flower that represents, joy, happiness, friendship, delight and a promise of new beginnings)
  • Year 60: Orchids (a big and diverse family of flowering plants, with colourful blooms which are colourful and wonderfully fragrant)

Many individuals also choose to send a replica of their bridal bouquet to celebrate their special anniversary along with other romantic gifts for online delivery. But, whatever flowers or gifts you decide to send online, we’re sure your partner or wife will be delighted!

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