The Rise of the UK Prom

Tiaras, limos and corsages at the ready – prom season is here

Picture a prom and what do you see? Limos full of teens dressed up the nines no doubt, with slow dancing and sparkle galore. Girls in Disney-esque dresses with a corsage on one arm and a date on the other.

Though the tradition hails from our cousins across the pond, thanks to the influence of American movies, the high school prom is slowly becoming a rite of passage for teenagers across Britain. In 2011 the Holiday Inn reported a 5000% increase in the number of proms being booked in its hotels and parents were said to be shelling out an average of £244 per teenager but it’s more than likely both of these figures have increased dramatically since.

From dresses, suits and suitably stylish transport to ferry teens to and fro, among the expenses are accessories. Of course we’re talking tiaras but let’s not forget the more modest Boutonniere and corsage custom. It’s traditional for young men to give their dates a floral corsage to be worn on their wrist and for girls to buy their dates a Boutonniere to be worn on the lapel of the suit jacket. Understandably this can be a daunting process – which flowers to choose, what colour, what style, what size?

It’s a minefield. So whether you’re buying a Boutonniere or corsage for your boyfriend, girlfriend, mate, date or simply for yourself, here is our definitive guide for making that all-important selection.

Colour me pretty

Colour choice is everything – as is communication. Find out what colour dress or suit and shirt your date is planning on wearing and work from there. Simple colours such as cream, black or deep blues may benefit from a pop of colour with a bright pink or purple. While softer hues such as pastel pink are complemented by white flowers, with a hint of greenery, and bright primary colours can be well contrasted with each other. Whether you decide to be daring or blend the two together, if you’d rather you and your date have matching floral accessories it may be best to make the choice together.

Blooming marvellous

Roses are the classic choice for a prom corsage, a timeless flower that radiates romance and class. The variety of the species and colours on offer means that you can easily experiment without straying too far. Be daring with a deep yellow or shocking pink. Plus with their sweet scent roses double up as a perfume that lasts all evening long.

Orchids are the more daring choice. Big, bright and beautiful, they come in so many colours you’ll never be at risk of not finding a style to match your outfit. Go for either one large orchid or a variety of smaller ones in complementing colours. But, be warned, orchid petals can be delicate so do take care!

Carnations are another common flower to accompany wrists and buttonholes to prom. Their pom pom effect and array of bright shades have made them synonymous with grand celebrations such as proms and weddings. Group many of the same colour together to enhance their fluffy pom pom appearance or pair them with roses to mix textures up.

Added extras

Flowers on their own can be beautiful, but flowers with that little something more can be dazzling. Whether you’d like to entwine your chosen blooms with ribbon or lace or attach your corsage with a bracelet of pearls and beads, there are a whole host of ways to make your corsage and Boutonniere stand out from the floral crowd. Think outside the box and ask your florist for ideas and inspiration.

Whatever style or colour you end up choosing, ensure that your floral accessories last the whole evening with our esteemed advice.

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