The Right Flower Arrangement Makes an Office a More Productive Environment

Traditionally, companies consider flower arrangements a last-minute trick meant to boost the appearance of the conference room for an important meeting and the priority is usually office furniture. However, flower arrangements can serve a bigger and more permanent role in your office. Flowers have a positive effect on people wherever they are and an office is no different. Just like a new coffee machine or a fine-tuned air conditioning system, an appropriate floral arrangement can make employees feel better, more at ease and relaxed and thus enhance their day-to-day productivity.

Making your office an environment that promotes happiness is becomingly increasingly important. Erin Conrad, Consultant at TelcoSolutions, says: “It’s a simple fact that the happier you are at work, the more productive and motivated you are, and the better quality of work you produce. ” Kerry Clewer, Marketing Manager at inspiresport, adds: “Offering perks such as remote and flexible working, providing fresh fruits and other snacks, and brightening up the office with plants and flowers are just some of the ways you can make your workplace a more positive environment.”

A study discovered that employees feel better if they start their day by looking at flowers and that their initial emotional state will dictate the rest of the day. Having a corporate floral arrangement at the entrance or in an area where employees spend most of the day will help them relax and it will give them a boost the moment they walk in the office.

The benefits of having flowers in the workplace don’t stop there. Multiple studies proved that the visual and olfactive stimulation flowers provide can improve memory, attenuate anxiety and even depression. As Morgan Lovell also explains, “studies show that exposure to natural elements like plants, wood or beautiful scenery can also relieve stress, making us feel happier and boosting our productivity.”

Flowers have the same positive effect on men and women and across all age groups. Of course, if your employees will be positively influenced by corporate flowers, the clients visiting your office will get the same treatment!

However, there are a few things to consider when incorporating plants and flowers into the office. JM from RFP Magazine says: “Flowers are great at brightening up a dull and dreary office, but you need to know who will be responsible for caring for the plants, how many you will have, and where they will go in the building. As an example, you need to consider if they will block views if they’re placed in windows.”

“If caring for your plants is a concern, artificial flowers may be a good option for particularly lazy offices!”

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