Monday June 22nd was the start of Recycling Week and we thought it would be the perfect day for our exciting official new launch day for our new Eco-initiative with our recycling partner Aardvark Recycling! has decided to take recycling steps one stage further. We are now buying back all of the compost created from our organic waste from Aardvark and replacing our old brand of compost with our own! This means we’ve got a chain of recycling directly in our organisation, from start to finish!

For the last year, we have been recycling all of our flowers with Aardvark Recycling which they turn into compost alongside other organic waste they receive. This high in demand compost is used for various projects around London, including inner city roof gardens, compost for community groups and compost for The Garden Museum.

This organic waste is created mainly through our sister company, Todich Floral Designs contractual flowers for hotels, restaurants and offices, as well as through organic wastage from  Each week, the old vases from Todich Floral Design are replaced with fresh, new flowers. These flowers are then taken back to our warehouse and sent over to Aardvark.

So we are absolutely pleased to announce our new initiative with our recycling partner and hope this is another step forward of many to come!

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