Recovery From Surgery Faster With Flowers

A new study published in Hort Technology has concluded that plants and flowers in hospital rooms have healing benefits, especially for patients who are recovering from surgery.

Recovery From Surgery Faster With Flowers

Ninety patients recovering form appendectomy were studied. They were assigned randomly to various hospital rooms, some with plants and some without. As they were recovering, the patients with plants in their rooms were in the company of eight different varieties of plants and flowers.

Recovery time, heart rate level, temperature, blood pressure, perceived level of pain, fatigue and anxiety levels were measured.

According to the results, patients exposed to flowers and plants had quicker recovery from abdominal surgery, lower use of pain medication use, lower heart rates and decreased anxiety levels. The patients in rooms with plants were much more satisfied.

Flowers and plants were found to be good medicine, in terms of aiding recovery from surgery.

[Via: EmaxHealth]

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