Rare Flowers: Top 5 Orchids

Orchids come in all different shapes, colours and sizes, with over 35,000 varieties currently being reported. Take a look at our top 5 most unusual species of Orchid, all of which have a likeness to animals!

1.       Donkey Orchid

Known as the Diuris, the Donkey Orchid can be found in the South West of Western Australia. It has two lateral petals which stick out from the top, similar to a Donkey’s ears

2.       Reinhold’s Bee-orchid

Also referred to as Ophrys Reinholdii this orchid originates from the Southwest Balkans, Turkey, Greece, Iraq and Iran. This variety of flower is horned shaped with a long neck stem and is bizarrely thought to look like a goat!

3.       Pink Moth Orchid

The scientific name for this type of orchid is Phalaenopsis sp. But it is more commonly known as the Pink Moth Orchid. Similar to the Reinhold’s Bee-orchid, this variety can be found in Southwest Balkans, Turkey, Greece, Iraq and Iran. This type of flower is meant to resemble moths in flight.

4.       Cockleshell Orchid or Clamshell Orchid

Also known as Prosthechea Cochleata, this variety of orchid grows in Central America, Caribbean Basin and Florida Everglades. They have a purple ‘hood’ and have floaty green legs that look like green squids!

5.       Bee Orchid

The Bee Orchid (or Ophrys Apifera) can be found across Europe. It looks similar to a bumblebee pollinating a flower. This is in a bid to attract male bees, who try to mate with it. During this process, the bee becomes covered in pollen and then spreads it everywhere!

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