Rare Flower Reintroduced to Hollywood Beaches

Rare FlowerA relative of a flower that was thought to be extinct has been found on the beaches of Hollywood. Jacquemontia reclinata is peeking through colonies of sea oats on the sand dunes near Hollywood.

Visitors that have spotted the flower have mistaken it to be new, but workers and students who are more educated on the subject know better as they were the ones who struggled to plant the flowers.

This flower was put on Florida’s endangered flower list in 1993, and it is a member of the morning glory family which produces flowers that are star-shaped. This kind of flower was already thought to be in danger about 30 years ago due to development in coastal areas and invasions of non-native plants.

Scientists put out an estimate that around 700 of these plants exist in the wild. There is also a rare plant reintroduction program, where there are about 1000 to 1400 examples of this plant.

Beach planters will be starting the third reintroduction of these plants this year.

Nearly 50 plant lover participated in the most recent reintroduction.

[Via: MiamiHerald]

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