Rare Flower Blooms on Glass

According to reports from China’s state-run website, Xinhuanet.com, a rare white flower which is said to only blossom every 3000 years has been found blooming in China.

Rare Flower Blooms on GlassThis report stated that 47 tiny flowers were found growing on the window of an office building in Qingdao City.

One company employee who was observing the flowers said, “It’s amazing that flowers can grow on glass, isn’t it!”

Reports were confirmed by a reporter, who said there were exactly 47 of them and they were 1 millimetre in diameter and they had a white colour, with tiny wire thin stems and bell-shaped flowers.

The stems of the flowers were attached to the glass and there was no soil between them.

A company employee stated, “When we first saw them, we didn’t know what they were. We even thought they were a dirt smear, and we almost wiped them off with a piece of cloth.”

It is believed to be the rare undumbara flower, which has been found elsewhere and looks exactly like the flowers found at this company.

[Via: The Epoch Times]

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