Rainbow Roses to Make Your Wedding Unique

Rainbow Roses to Make Your Wedding Unique

If you are a bride or someone preparing for a big occasion, try adding life to the event by using Rainbow Roses. They are definitely the best way to add a uniqueness and a modern twist. These flowers are great for adding an extra touch to a wedding bouquet, thanks to their vibrant colours that give them an exotic appearance.

This vivid colours of this flower are created by a unique chemical process. After the flowers go through this, each individual rose petal gets a colour of it’s own. The stems of the flower are placed in a glass of water containing this chemical, and that is how the rose’s colour is altered.

The technique of dying flowers has been in use for many years, most of us tried drying carnations in grade school, and these roses basically undergo the same process just with a bit of a twist.

The multi-colour flowers are pretty amazing as it is, but what makes them even more interesting is that the colours of the flower can be customized. The chemical dying process has been perfected, and the creators of these flowers can choose exactly what colour they’d like for each petal of the rose.

[Via: examiner.com]

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