Purple Passion: Tender Loving Care to Your Purple Orchid Plant

Although orchids can be grown anywhere in the world with the right amount of tender loving care, they are mainly native to tropical regions. Orchids are among the unique flowers that come in various colours of purple, pink, orange, yellow and white.

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Here at Flowers 24 Hours we take pride in providing quality flowers and plants so today we present you with a guide on how to specifically care for purple orchids. Being a favourite spring flower and plant, purple orchids (phalaenopsis) are one of the most common to grow indoors as they are very rewarding because they bloom so beautifully on the window sill, coffee table, kitchen, garden and in the toilet in some cases. Purple orchids thrive and are difficult to kill except you use a samurai sword when cutting. However, there are five factors to consider when purchasing and/or caring for purple orchids;

Orchid Flowers & Sunlight

Having noted that purple orchids can bloom in different areas, it is important to have them exposed to indirect sunlight by placing them behind window blinds or curtains as direct sunlight can burn them out thereby killing them. It is also advised to choose an east or west facing window or room with bright but indirect sunlight; fluorescent lights for example can simulate ideal natural conditions. If unsure about how your purple orchid is fairing, a leaf observation will help as yellowish-green leaves show that the plants are overexposed to light while dark green leaves means the plant is in need of more light. However, bright green leaves show the light is right!

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This is another vital element when caring for purple orchid plants as they do not flourish if they are not provided with fluctuating temperatures. This means the plants require different temperatures day and night. Purple orchid plants need a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, while a temperature between 60 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable at night. If your plants are placed on a window sill, moving them when temperatures drop or using a cardboard to shield the plant from the window provides insulation from the cold.


Fresh Air

Having air circulate through open windows in the warm weather is a necessity for the growth of purple orchid plants. A small fan can also suffice in winter time as any means of fresh air is required to provide carbon dioxide and also enable the prevention of infection in plants.

Orchid Plant Watering 

This depends on the season of the year as purple orchid plants need watering once a week during winter and twice a week in summer time. It is also advisable to use rainwater instead of tap water for watering as chlorine in tap water may be damaging to your plant. Moreover, an occasional spritz from a mister could also keep your purple orchid plants moisturised.

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Feeding your purple orchid is just as important and a fertiliser with a balanced blend of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus is needed.

Those factors must be thought out in reference to the care of purple orchid plants. Contact our flower delivery service Flowers24hours.co.uk and rest assured that all your floral needs will be passionately take care of.

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