Preston Bayle, Most-Wanted Flower Arranger for Celebs, Picks Chickens as Current Theme

Have you ever wondered who could be the person behind the flower arrangements of the stars? Well, one of the most famous and sought after is Preston Bailey. He has done wedding arrangements for celebs like, Michael Douglas, and Matt Lauer. He has been a must-have at major events hosted by; Bill Cosby, Michael Douglas, Oprah Winfrey and Donna Karan. The Oprah Winfrey Show, Entertainment Tonight and The Today Show are only some of the hit television shows, on which he has appeared to give his in-demand advice.

His most exclusive design was done for royalty. In addition to roses the bouquets for this wedding were adorned with diamonds and pearls. Donald Trump’s wedding was his favourite, as only the sky was the limit. Trump’s motto for the ceremony was, “more is better.” His love of extravagance can also be seen in his advice to young brides; the current trend according to Bailey, is the use of colourful and luscious flowers are sentimental importance to the bride.

So, are you wondering about the current trends in flowers according to Preston Bailey? Well, he is currently focused on Easter, the current theme is chickens. He is arranging flowers, by attaching them to Styrofoam bases shaped like little chicks. Furthermore, he is creating baskets packed with vibrantly coloured flowers.

The most important thing to remember, if you want your flower arrangements to look like those of the stars; is not to hold back, and never forget to be extravagant!

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