Pot Pourri – preserve that summer scent

Its easy to make your own rose pot pourri, especially if you are lucky enough to have your own garden. But, even if you have not, keep any fallen rose petals from household arreangements and bouquets, strip off any petals left when you throw away the flowers, and put them spread out on kitchen paper in a dry, dark place such as a loft or airing cupboard.

A dark place is best to keep the colour in your petals. Just leave for 2-3 weeks until the petals are completely dry to the touch. You can now fill a bowl to put on a bathroom shelf, or in your spare room. Sew some into pretty bags made from lace edged handkerchiefs, and hang from a pretty ribbon in your wardrobe.

If the fresh scent fades then the pot pourri can be revived with some essential oil of roses, but it shouldn’t be needed as by then you will have a whole lot more rose petals drying for the next batch!

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