Poinsettias are not Only for Christmas

PoinsettiasIn Florida, poinsettias can be grown all year round. Most people will put them out in a sunny area of their yard that is not lighted during the night.

To keep poinsettias blooming for many holidays, the plant needs to be pruned one-third their size after they have flowered. The pruning is usually done in the summer after the 1st of September.

Poinsettias bloom according to the length of the day. When the days become shorter the flowers are formed. Poinsettias don’t actually have true flowers; the red petals are called bracts, which are a kind of modification of leaves, and are what we mistake for flowers. The true bloom of the poinsettia is actually found in the middle of the bracts and they are very tiny.

This flower is a native of Mexico and Central America.

[Via: MiamiHerald]

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