Planting Together for Mother’s Day

Planting Together for Mothers DayMother’s Day is getting closer and closer, yet you probably have no idea what to get for her special day. Most Moms will say that they do not want anything, but this is what mothers do in almost any situation. Even though economic times are bad there is a long list of things you can get her without breaking the bank.

The first and easiest choice on the list is, of course, fresh cut flowers. But one way of making this gift a bit more fun is to plant the flowers with her. Planted flowers last much longer, and prolong the joy of this special holiday. Where she can take the flowers to the office to show off her offspring’s generation.

Educational coordinator for the Michigan State University, Jessica Albright says, “There’s such a variety of beautiful plants that are available around Mother’s Day, and what a great present to watch something grow together. It’s awesome to give something that’s alive and that you can nurture and watch get prettier and prettier.”

Gerber daisies and snapdragons are the recommended choice as they are easy to grow and a real treat for the eyes. One other option to consider is planting a flowering tree or bush that will bloom each year around Mother’s Day…


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