Plant a Flower Save the Monarch Butterfly

Plant a Flower Save the Monarch ButterflyMost of us are familiar with the orange and black monarch butterfly. They are loved by many and most people forget to consider them insects.

Though they are so loved they have not been exempt from the damage caused by human development. While their summer home is shrinking due to loss of habitat, their Mexican mountain home is being ruined due to logging.

They need a specific kind of plant to lay their eggs, making their situation even more worrisome. While adult butterflies will feed on just about any flower, the larvae only feed on the milkweed or asclepias family.

After they fly home to Canada or the United States, monarch butterflies need to find this kind of flower right away to lay their eggs, or more precisely to lay them before they die.

This is where humans come into play, you can really help these beautiful little creatures out by planting milkweed in your garden. It’s not a difficult type of flower to grow and you can really do your part in saving them.


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