Sensitive, compassionate, dreamy, and idealist – do these qualities remind you of a friend? This emotional friend of yours must be a Piscean. You want to give flowers to this special friend of yours but are overwhelmed by the choice of flowers. What do you do? Well, you can give your friend “the Piscean flower collection”.

Many of us wont agree but majority of us do believe in astrology to a certain extent. While reading the morning newspaper, whether we want or not, our eyes wander to the horoscope section. According to modern astrology, each zodiac sign has a certain colour and gemstone that enhances its positive aspects and deals with the negative ones. The plant, as well as flower preferences, differs from one zodiac sign to another. If you are giving flowers, it is good to know about the specific flower that will appeal to your loved one and is compatible with his or her zodiac sign.

If your friend is a Piscean, he or she has a feminine mind, is dreamy, sensitive, and humane. Water Lily flowers such as Madonna lily (Lilium candidum), Cyperus (papyrus), jasmine, lilac, narcissus, gypsophila flowers, and Euphorbia marginata will appeal to them. The essence of these lovely flowers will capture the imagination of the dreamy Piscean. These flowers help Pisceans with their strengthening, grounding, and protective effects on their overall behaviour. Under their influence, the dreamers participate more in the present and share proximity with the Divine.

If you really want to impress your Piscean friend, give him or her Piscean collection, a bunch of orchid, pansy, and poppy in the true Piscean colours, purple, rose, pale green, and rose.

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