Flowers That Are Safe Around Pets. Pet Friendly Flowers

Many pet owners can attest to the fact that their pet is practically part of the family. Cats and dogs might as well be children in many instances. It’s important to consider them as such when picking out flowers for the home. Avoiding plants that could be harmful to animals is essential for all pet owners to prevent a tragedy. Here’s a quick guide to what flowers are safe for placement around animals. 

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The most commonly used species of Alyssum is sweet alyssum – it can be identified by its clusters of white flowers. It has adorable rounded petals that can also come in lilac, pink, rose, or violet, and the plant is evergreen in areas where there is no frost. Typically, alyssum prefers to grow on the coast, but can be grown in gardens all over the world. An insider’s tip for growing alyssum is that darker-colored alyssum flowers do better in cooler temperatures.


Snapdragons make the perfect flower for a bedding or container plant. They’re also grown specifically to cut, as they resemble a dragon’s face when the flower is squeezed (hence the name). Snapdragons come in many varieties, including a gorgeous reddish-orange, along with yellow and white. They prefer rocky areas, but can be grown in a variety of places. Most importantly, however, snapdragons are safe for pets to interact with and even eat.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus is a genus of cacti that thrives in shade and high humidity, characteristics that aren’t normally associated with cacti. The flowers of the Christmas cactus hang downward and come in many different colours, including vibrant pink, gold, and violet. Most importantly – despite the spines – the Christmas cactus is perfectly safe for house pets, so they can be grown without fear of harming any animals in the area.

Blue-Eyed Daisy

Daisies are flashy plants, with beautiful white petals. Usually, the daisy is associated with a yellow core, giving them a cheerful sort of look, but there is another variant of this flower called the blue-eyed daisy. Instead of yellow, these flowers feature a steel-blue centre with a little yellow band. Blue-eyed daisies bloom through the summer and are incredibly hardy plants that can tolerate dry, hot conditions. The blue-eyed daisy closes up at night, preferring the full sunlight of day.

Lady Slipper

A beautiful orchid that was once only found within the heart the woods; the lady slipper orchid can be enjoyed in any backyard. They come in pink, yellow, white-and-pink, and white and some are even considered endangered due to their rarity. They prefer a woodland garden out of full sunlight and need moist soil. Lady slippers are nontoxic to household pets, so are considered to be animal safe.
While this list is in no way comprehensive – not even close – it’s a great starting guide for what plants can be brought into a home or garden without fear of harming a pet. For more, check out the ASPCA list of toxic and non-toxic plants for cats. Always remember to do research before order your flowers or plants online, just in case it could have adverse effects on pets!

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